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Hello and welcome to Urban Archaeology! I am a self proclaimed urban archaeologist. I work, hunt, and believe in thrift stores. I have always had a passion for excavating lost treasures from society and love sharing what I find. This blog is dedicated to special treasures I find along the way. Everything photographed will either be purchased at a thrift store, second-hand, or severely discounted.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No. 7

Happy 2012 everyone! The new year is here and my wardrobe couldn't be more inspired by Valentine's Day. Romance is in the air! I love bringing purple and blue together this time of year.
I found this Express sweater at Hospice for $2.25.
I purchased these Lauren Conrad twill leggings at Crossroads Trading Co. in Sacramento for $8, with tags still attatched!
I found the necklace at Urban Outfitters and purchased it with last xmas' giftcard for around $20.

I found the inspiration for my hair on one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, last summer. It's super easy and still looks good if it doesn't come out perfectly.

I found these shoes at EcoThrift for $1.98. Which is miraculous because anyone who knows me knows I don't do well when it comes to heels. Yes, even heels this low. It always feels like such an accomplishment to find shoes with a heel that are comfortable and managable with my lack of balance.

This jacket is another one of my favorite thrift finds that I purchased for $5 in Folsom.

Thanks for looking!

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