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Hello and welcome to Urban Archaeology! I am a self proclaimed urban archaeologist. I work, hunt, and believe in thrift stores. I have always had a passion for excavating lost treasures from society and love sharing what I find. This blog is dedicated to special treasures I find along the way. Everything photographed will either be purchased at a thrift store, second-hand, or severely discounted.

Friday, January 27, 2012

No. 15

I was a little hesitant to purchase these faux leather pants from Urban Outfitters, but...they were only $5. How could I pass that up? I doubt they will make a regular appearance in my everyday attire, but they were fun to wear with my vintage beaded sweater, thrifted for $5.

Sunglasses $3
Tank Top $3
Shoes $15
Sweater $5
Top $5


  1. I can't believe that sweater was only $5! Its beautiful, and in perfect condition it seems, great find. love your pants too, and for $5 it's okay if you don't wear them all that much!

  2. i think we will get along justttt fine, you and i. happily following!!
    love, james

  3. i´m happy with your blog. Come to check out mine.