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Hello and welcome to Urban Archaeology! I am a self proclaimed urban archaeologist. I work, hunt, and believe in thrift stores. I have always had a passion for excavating lost treasures from society and love sharing what I find. This blog is dedicated to special treasures I find along the way. Everything photographed will either be purchased at a thrift store, second-hand, or severely discounted.

Friday, January 13, 2012

No. 11

Here is an entirely thrifted outfit that I absolutely loved to wear. I wore this outfit to work and then for an outting to see Beauty and the Beast with my mom and little sister. It is both really comfortable and easy to put together but packs a big punch of style. What more could you ask for?
Button up tops $3.50
Necklace $2.25
Lucky Brand Jeans $3
Shoes $1.25

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