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Hello and welcome to Urban Archaeology! I am a self proclaimed urban archaeologist. I work, hunt, and believe in thrift stores. I have always had a passion for excavating lost treasures from society and love sharing what I find. This blog is dedicated to special treasures I find along the way. Everything photographed will either be purchased at a thrift store, second-hand, or severely discounted.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

No. 6

Today I felt inspired by my golden leaf headband. I've thrifted it ages ago and have yet to wear it.
Something about today just demands a little gold.

I found the tutorial for this hairstyle here on Craft Gawker. It's super easy, fast, and fun. I highly recommend Craft Gawker to anyone who likes to look at inspiring collections. It's my favorite go-to app.

This skirt is one of my favorite thrifted pieces from 2011. I purchased it from EcoThrift in Sacramento for $1.98. It's great for winter and is super comfy. I usually wear it with leggings underneath for an extra layer.

I love collecting these pins. I always hunt for them when I go thrifting.
Have a safe and Happy New Years!

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